Fourth of July: Celebrating in a Pandemic

Written by: Jennifer Fantich, M.A., CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist

This year, 4th of July celebrations will look much different than in years past due to the COVID-19 pandemic with many large gatherings canceled and parks closed to prevent crowds from gatherings. While the typical festivities may not be held, there are safe ways to celebrate while social distancing to comply with safety guidelines.

Watching fireworks from a distance or hosting a small (10 person) backyard BBQ with immediate family members, or friends with whom you have previously and safely socialized with may be possible without putting yourself or your kids at risk. If you attend any celebrations or gatherings it is advised to keep a safe distance from guests as well as to remembering to frequently and thoroughly wash or sanitize your hands.

With it being possible to celebrate in small groups, we suggest, if you’re hosting or attending to:

  • Use disposable plates, napkins and utensils if food is being served/consumed.
  • Bring a mask for you and members of your family.
  • Have sanitizer available.
  • Keep track of a guest list incase you need to contact anyone after the celebration for any reason.

If you opt out of attending Fourth of July celebrations this year, fun can still be had by all! Here are some of our safe and family friendly ideas to make your Fourth of July a memorable one.

  • Crafty decor: Have your kids create pictures or make red, white and blue accents for your party table. Polishing your nails in patriotic colors, tie dying or wearing festive stars and stripes can also add fun (and activity) to your July 4th family party.
  • Pick your dish: Let everyone have a (clean) hand in deciding the dinner menu.
  • TV fireworks: Find a television network in your local area that is airing fireworks so you can enjoy.
  • S’Mores: Make family S’Mores to enjoy for dessert.
  • Sparkler wishes: With parent supervision, light sparklers and have kids make wishes before the sparklers burn out.
  • Make some noise: With parent supervision, kids (and adults) can have fun throwing ‘pop it’ snappers on the ground. A safe, fun and quick activity to help celebrate the 4th of July.
  • FaceTime : if you can’t be with your loved one’s celebrating, FaceTime them to wish them a happy holiday.

This year may look different, but we can all find a safe way to have fun and celebrate our Independence Day!