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Signs of Childhood Apraxia of Speech (Taken from ASHA.org)

Not all children with CAS are the same. Your child may show some or all of the signs below. You should talk to your doctor or see an SLP if:
Your child is younger than 3 years old and

  • Does not coo or babble as an infant
  • Says her first words later than you think she should.
  • Says only a few different sounds
  • Has problems putting sounds together.
  • Puts long pauses between sounds she says.
  • Does not always say a word the same way.
  • Has some problems eating

Your child is older than 3 years old and

  • Does not always say words the same way each time he says them
  • Can understand what others say to him better than he can talk.
  • Has problems imitating what others say. If he can imitate, those words will sound better than words he says on his own
  • Seems like he has to move his lips, tongue, or jaw a few times to make sounds. This is called groping.
  • Has more trouble saying longer words clearly than shorter ones..
  • Is hard to understand, especially for someone who doesn’t know him well.

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