How Can We Help?

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How We Can Help ?

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At Small Talk, BIG THINGS happen when your child breaks through their barriers and learns to communicate effectively and with confidence!

When your child’s communication skills are challenged, Small Talk can help. We are a speech and language development center offering one – on – one assessment and therapy to children with communication challenges.

Our therapists are highly – motivated and experienced practitioners who are certified by the American Speech – Language – Hearing Association as well as the Michigan Speech – Language – Hearing Association. Our co – owners are Speech and Language Pathologists themselves, with over 30 years of combined experience helping children confidently enter the world by overcoming their communication challenges.

Our facility has been designed with your child in mind. We have created a fun and comfortable learning environment with individual treatment rooms to ensure that each child receives full and complete attention. We also have a large gross motor room to facilitate the sensory integration component of therapy, a kitchen for translating newly acquired communication skills into real life experiences, and a craft center for hands – on therapy needs.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of service by creating a specialized, individual treatment plan for your child with communication deficits. Treating preschoolers through adolescents, we strive to simplify your life by accommodating your schedule as much as possible and by starting your session on time for you. We will always communicate with physicians, schools and insurance companies on a timely basis so that your child’s care plan stays on target.

Contact us to discover how your child can discover his or her ability to communicate!