Focusing on building your child’s early social and language skills, emphasizing the development of play and social interactions.

Is your child unable to, or struggles with, any of these:

Early Childhood Language Stimulation (18-30 months)

If your child has difficulty in one or more of these areas, they may benefit from our early childhood language stimulation program.

✔ Look in the direction of sounds
✔ Engage in pat-a-cake and peek-a-boo
✔ Listen when spoken to
✔ Notice toys that make sound
✔ Struggle to understand words for common
    objects such as shoe, ball, or cookie
✔ Wave in response to “bye-bye”
✔ Imitate speech sounds
✔ Acquire new words on a regular basis
✔ Asks one or two word questions? E.g., “Where Dada?”

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