Pediatric feeding therapy is a unique and highly specialized form of Occupational Therapy (OT) that can help children with feeding difficulties or children who are “picky” eaters and have sensitivity or avoid eating/trying new foods. OTs can provide comprehensive, individualized feeding therapy including assessment, evaluation, and treatment. 

At the assessment stage, the OT will observe the child's feeding behavior, assess their sensory preferences, and work with the family to understand their feeding challenges. 

During the evaluation stage, the OT will review the assessment data, assess the child's oral-motor skills, and develop a treatment plan for the child. This plan may include strategies to improve the child's overall feeding experience. 

The treatment stage will focus on the OT's recommendations from the evaluation. The OT will use strategies to help the child become an independent, efficient, and enjoyable eater. This may include activities to increase sensory awareness, improve oral-motor skills, and establish a positive mealtime routine.

Pediatric feeding therapy can help children of all ages and abilities reach their full potential. If your child is having difficulty with eating and you'd like to learn more about OT, contact our occupational therapist today!


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