Handwriting Therapy with an Occupational Therapist can help improve hand strength, coordination, control, and endurance. Whether you’re a child or adult, an OT can help you improve your handwriting skills. Here’s more on how it works: 


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  1. An OT will assess your handwriting skills, including your writing speed and grip.
  2. The OT will then develop an individualized therapy plan tailored to your needs.
  3. Therapy may include strengthening exercises, fine-motor activities, and pencil-holding techniques.
  4. The OT may also provide instruction on proper posture, paper positioning, letter formation, spacing and writing style.
  5. The OT will guide you through practice activities to help you master handwriting skills.

If you’re struggling with handwriting, don’t hesitate to contact an occupational therapist. With the right therapy plan, you can improve your handwriting and make writing easier and more enjoyable.