Does my child stutter or are his dysfluencies normal?

Many children between the ages of 2 ½ and 5 experience non-fluent moments in their speech.  This occurs during the peak language development years and is due to the rapid rate at which our children are learning to communicate effectively. They can become overwhelmed and then exhibit stuttering behaviors.  These are typically short-lived and correct themselves with time. 

The following are some warning signs that may warrant a second opinion:

·         Struggle and tension in their body language as they are working thru the dysfluency

·         Tremors or uncontrolled quivering of the lips or tongue while the child is repeating or prolonging the sound

·         Prolonging a sound or syllable, such as rrrrrrrun or part word repetitions, such as ta-ta-ta-table

·         If you feel that you are witnessing any of these signs or that the frequency of your child’s dysfluencies are increasing, please contact our office to talk about it.